Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dragon Mishap

You may remember from the Baby Dragon post, that some great friends of ours has an adorable baby girl nicknamed 'Dragon.'  I wanted to do something special for Dragon. I wanted to hand make a dragon costume! This is the only craft I was able to accomplish in the past few months - and as always, it was quite typically terrible. I searched for patterns but nothing seemed right, so I made a "plan" on my own and set to work.

I purchased a onesie, some cute fabric and set to work. I started with the dragon scales. I cut many, many small squares and round the edges creating a soft scale shape.


I started by pinning the scales in place, but found that the pins were more of a hindrance than help. I eventually omitted the pins and just sewed half a scale, layered the next scale, sewed half across again, layered another scale, yada, yada, yada.

I sporadically placed scales of another fabric to add a pop of fun.

Oops! That's a little crooked! Over time I added the scales all the way around the neck and the entire back of the onesie as well.

Next I needed a tail. I purchased a loop turner to assist me in this process. I sewed what I thought, would be the perfect size for a tail.

Next I sewed a cute little triangle for the tip of the tail. 

 I attempted to turn the tail inside out with the loop turner. It wouldn't turn! I watched my grandmother do this a million times, but somehow I just couldn't get it to work.

So with what little remaining fabric I had left, I made a short, stubby tail.

I sewed it in place underneath some scales.

Next I was onto the ears and wings. Using some measurements given to me from Dragon's mommy, I sewed elastic into a headband. Clearly I struggled with using the best stitch. I thought the purple thread would be cute, but it was ugly. I tried to pull out the mess to the right of the criss cross stitches, but I couldn't. I made too much of a knotted mess. Oh well! No one will see it anyway, right?

Next I sewed three layers of felt together. The stitching is not quit perfect, and it definitely was not centered. But I wanted to attach it to the headband anyway to see if I could make it work. I sewed it an angle along the headband, it seemed to work. See the final photo for the finished product.

Next I cut out four wings to sew together. Wait a minute!

They don't match up because I didn't plan it out. What is this, mistake # 45? At this point, I was ready to give up. GB encouraged me to finish after I had a mini temper tantrum.

So, again with what little material I had, I cut material that matched when placed together.

I sewed the wings in place on the back edge of the sleeve. I envisioned Dragon waving her arms and the wings moving with her.

Here is a preview of the costume, and next was supposed to be a photo of baby Dragon wearing her purple costume.

When Dragon was getting dressed into her costume, she couldn't fit in it. The size was fine, but my stitches were so tight she couldn't get her arms and head through the openings. Only I could have made so many mistakes. This is a true Kiss My Smash craft. Next time I decide to make a costume, I'll follow a pattern. 

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  1. Could this be used as a dog costume instead of a baby costume? Maybe a dog is smaller than a baby so it would work. Just an idea. Also, if you use it for a dog you may want to remove the tail because generally in my experience dogs already have tails. Again, just an idea.