Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sweet Angels

I wasn't sure if I was going to write about the terrible tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. Everywhere I turn whether it's tv, radio, Facebook, at work, etc. - people are talking about it. My thoughts would just add to the noise. But as my heavy heart carries me in this Christmas season, I can't help but feel like I should say something.

I think the moment I learned of that horrific massacre will always live in my mind. I remember the moment I learned about the terrorist attacks on 9/11 as if it were yesterday. I don't think this will be any different. I had just come from a really fun lunch with my co-workers and was scrolling through twitter and began seeing the words 'school shooting'. The more I learned, the sicker I felt. The sadness only grew the more we as a nation learned about that day.

Immediately this caused a huge national conversation. Is this about gun control? Is this about mental illness? Is this about religion and prayer? Is this about media sensationalizing events like this to only encourage more mass shootings? I don't think it is my place to tell you my opinions on any of those topics. These are all important topics that need attention but I think we are going about it the wrong way. The 22 year old version of myself would have been shouting at the top of her lungs about what she thought was right and would argue with anyone who came across her path that disagreed. The girl I am now knows that no matter what I post on Facebook or shout at someone - my opinion will not sway someone else, and more importantly those words won't make anything better. So what do I do?

I don't know if there is anything I can do that will make this world better. I don't know if there is anything I can do that will change a damn thing - except ask you to do one thing: be kind and open your heart. Instead of arguing on Facebook or twitter about gun control, do something nice for someone. If everyone took a few minutes out of each day to do something nice and show love - maybe this world can change. Random acts of kindness shouldn't be a thought but an action. I found a great example on Pinterest of someone actually putting words into action. (Click here to read about it.)  What if we all just showed kindness and love a little more each day? Could that love and light move and grow around the world - and maybe, just maybe reach the person that needs it the most? I don't know. But I will try. I hope you will too.

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