Monday, August 13, 2012

Pot Roast

I think I reached a whole new level of domestication when I decided to take on the scary pot roast. I call it scary for two main reasons. One, any large chunk of meat, in my opinion, takes a skilled cook to craft. Second, It requires hours to cook, which give me more time to screw things up. 

I decided to go for the slow cooker version. I assumed it would be the most successful outcome. GB, who's made quite a few pot roasts in his day, gave me some instruction and went off to work. 

GB suggested I pan sear the roast first, to "seal in the juices." I'm not sure if this actually worked, but with no prior experience, I gave it a go. After rubbing it with salt, pepper, and garlic I seared each side for about 10 minutes. 

Meanwhile, I chopped 6 potatoes, half a bag of baby carrots and one whole onion. 

That is one whacky carrot. 

I added the vegetables and meat to the slow cooker along with 2 cans of cream and mushroom soup and a half a can of water. I set the slow cooker on high for 6 hours. 

The meat was still tough around the 5 hour mark. It wasn't falling apart as I had hoped. We waited until around 6.5 hours of cooking to dive in. The extra time was exactly what that meal needed. The meat was tender and fell happily apart. The remaining stew portion was too thin for my liking. I knew I could thicken it with flour, but as I reached into the cupboard for the flour, I discovered we were completely out of flour. 

So we ate it as it was. 

I was quite happy with the turnout. For my first pot roast, I don't think I did a bad job! What is your favorite way of preparing a pot roast? What would you have done differently?

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  1. K & I don't even use canned soup. It will still turn out tender and delicious and will make its own juices and it's healthier.