Monday, July 30, 2012

Shower of Love

Awhile back, I created a lyric-filled canvas for my sister in the Your Song post. I love the technique, but it goes without saying the execution needed work. 

I had the perfect chance to work on that execution recently. One of my Greatest friends, Bee, is getting married! Not only is she just get married, but she's marrying GB's best friend! I was thrilled when she asked me to be a bridesmaid and am so honored to stand alongside them as they exchange vows. 

For Bee's bridal shower, I wanted to make her a gift from my heart. I've seen bridal gifts comparing the bride and groom to other famous couples and I wanted to do just that. 

I found a print of art that I liked and stocked up on stickers and paint. 

Next I cut the stickers out, keeping the back on so I could determine the arrangement. The backing of the stickers was made of clear plastic, which made the arranging much easier than the last time I tried this craft. 

I really struggled with the placement of the stickers due to the difference in length of each name. I measured and made sure the length to the edge of the print was the same on either side of each line. Then I applied each sticker to the print. 

Even though I bought many packs of stickers, I still ran out of 'E' stickers. I craftily used a 'F' and although it's not pictured, I cut a small piece of another letter to create an 'E'. I was proud of that idea, normally I would have given up or bought more stickers. 

The next step was to paint over the entire print. I used the Martha Stewart craft paint for the first time. Typically, I buy cheap paint, but not any more. This paint is awesome!

I covered the entire print, and painted just enough to hide the painting. I did not want it to appear opaque. 

I let the paint dry overnight and began peeling the stickers. I quickly became frustrated when the stickers wouldn't come all the way up. The top portion separated from the bottom portion. GB asked why I was cursing and grunting, I yelled at him, "The stickers won't unstick!"It must have been a funny thing to hear but I was enraged! 

I was picking and peeling so much I damaged my day-old shellac manicure, the manicure that was supposed to be chip free.  

The only stickers that came up easily were the small hearts. 

I finally found a solution. Using a hot iron, I applied as much steam as I could. Then, using a butter knife, I pushed those damn stickers up and off the print. 

I was applying sop much pressure to free those little guys I scraped some paint off here and there.  

After about three hours of sticker peeling, I was free of those little jerks! 

Then I realized I didn't change 3 of the F's to E's! At this point, I buried my head in my hands and cried. I thought I had put all of that energy into this gift for nothing. I was seconds away from driving to Bed, Bath and Beyond when I picked my head up and fixed it. 

Using a little paint, I lightly added the bottom section to the 'F' to make it an 'E'. Perfect. 

I put the print in a simple black frame with a small note on the back to the happy couple. 

I bought this cute silver wrapping paper for the gift. 

As I opened the wrapping paper I was SHOCKED when I realized it wasn't silver but it was clear wrap! I'd also like to point out - I was wrapping this gift an hour before the shower. I completely panicked. I ran out to CVS and wrapped the frame in the first paper I found. Thanks to this snafu, I have no picture of the completed project in the frame. 

As soon as Bee is all settled at home with her gifts, I'll ask her to send me a picture that I can share with you all. 

Overall, I'm really happy with how this project turned out. The print was the perfect choice, the paint did exactly what I had hoped, and above all Brittany really liked it. 

I wish nothing but happiness for you two! Congratulations! 

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