Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lots of Dots

Here on Kiss My Smash I love trying DIY manicures. I found this great idea on The Beauty Department and gave it a whirl! 

The first step was to polish my nails in white as a base. At the time I thought it looked clean, but we can all see what a poor job I did! Please forgive me as you see that mess throughout the post. 

Next, I applied the coral to half of my nail bed. Not too shabby for free hand. 

Then I used a wide toothpick to drop little dots along the white polish. 

This is where I was supposed to stop. To be honest, I probably should have stopped. But I kept going, and did the opposite - white polka dots on coral. 

I think it's a little too busy for my taste, but it's the middle of July - if there is ever a time to have busy nails - now is the time! 

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