Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Divulging Divergent

I chose Divergent by Veronica Roth for the book club in July. 

As a side note - I'm not sure why I'm calling this a book club, because not many people seem interested,  but I think I may just keep trucking along. 

I judge a book by these few simple things:

 1 - How quickly I get sucked in. I don't buy it when people push me to keep reading if I don't get invested immediately. Riding it out and wasting my time in hopes a book may get better is not my idea of a good time. 

2 - How often I read. If I can't put the book down, it's good. If I bring it everywhere I go, it's good. If I would rather read than take a lunch break at work, it's really good. 

3 - How much I think about the book after I finish the book. I think it's normal to think about a book while reading it. The real measure of a book's value is how often I think about what the character said, and what I envision their home to look like, etc. 

Divergent passed my test. I was sucked in by the end of the first chapter. I sat on the couch, while my boyfriend, GB, watched some terrible movie on Netflix, and read and read and read. The day I began reading Divergent, I read the book for six straight hours. I would zoom through my house chores, work, and work outs so I could read again. I knew this book was a hit with me when I began reading at work. I thought I could get away with it by hiding my kindle under a stack of papers, but when I wasn't responding to my co-workers questions - I was caught. Lastly, I am still finding myself thinking about Tris, the main character, all throughout the day. I catch myself thinking of the factions in the book, and where I might belong.

As I told you in the July Book Club post, the book is centered around a dystopian world where society is divided into factions based on a moral code. At 16, each civilian chooses to either stay in their faction or choose another. In most factions, if you choose another you are also choosing the repercussion of being shunned by your family. Tris, makes a shocking decision. Her decision made me question what I would do if in her place. Choosing to follow who you are in your heart or do what your family thinks is right is not an easy decision. The new world that she finds herself in is exhilarating but terrifying. Veronica Roth does an incredible job of describing how Tris thinks and feels, even if it's flawed. I can't tell you much more, without giving too much away. Divergent is the first in a trilogy, and I can't wait to read the next two. Insurgent, the sequel, is on my to-read list. Unfortunately, the third book is not out yet, and won't be out until the fall of 2013. I have a lot of waiting to do. 

The last thing I must discuss is the big elephant in the room. Is Divergent just like The Hunger Games? In my opinion, no. The characters are different, the settings are incomparable, and the plot of Divergent is a far cry from The Hunger Games. I will say however, if you enjoyed The Hunger Games you are sure to enjoy Divergent. 

I really hope you take my advice and read this book. If you do - let me know! I'd love to chat about what you thought! 

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