Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crunch Wrap Supreme

I love Taco Bell. I mean I really love Taco Bell. Unfortunately, this eating healthy and working out thing GB and I have going on right now prohibits the Taco Bell consumption. 

I was, once again, perusing on Pinterest, and found the next best thing: A healthy version of a Crunch Wrap Supreme from Hungry Girl.  The Crunch Wrap Supreme is one of my all time favorites from Taco Bell so an imitation is exactly what I needed. 

I took their idea and changed it up to suite our tastes. The girls over at Hungry Girl used a frozen, meatless soy based crumble for their protein. I'm not really into meat-like substances, so I went with ground turkey and added taco seasoning. 

While that was cooking, I prepared the veggies. 

Following Hungry Girl's instructions, I warmed up the tortilla in the microwave for a few seconds. Next, I added the internal ingredients. 

Then I folded the tortilla like a champ! 

Sometimes, champs need toothpicks to hold their tortilla's together, so what?

After coating the pan with olive oil based non-stick spray, I supremely grilled that crunch wrap. 

The wraps were crispy, maybe a little burnt, after a few minutes on the pan. Lucky for me, GB likes things a little burnt, or so he says. 

No crunch wrap is supreme without sour cream and tomatoes. 

Did my crunch wraps compare to Taco Bell? GB believes they are better and I loved them! The added fresh vegetables and avocado were an awesome addition. I didn't feel guilty for consuming ground turkey! 

I know there are some intense Taco Bell lovers out there - would you be willing to give this a try?

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