Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ripple Effect

I've struggled quite a bit with DIY nail art designs. For example, the DIY Gingham print at Gingham Give Up or the Two Toned Failure.  

When I discovered this fabulous idea on Pinterest, I knew it was an easy, cute look I could finally succeed at! 

The bad news is the original link is from a website in a language I can't read. The good news, I don't think I need instructions for this one. 

I grabbed my favorite summer colors. Additionally, I've been using OPI's Nail Envy to strengthen my nails and it's working wonders. I definitely recommend it. 

I started with a base of the lovely Essie Fiji. 

Using OPI's My Chihuahua Bites I painted 3 lines down the nail, staggering as I went. 

 Next, after a few minutes of drying time, I followed the lines with the classic OPI Alpine Snow. 

After a quick top coat of Nail Envy, I was all done. 

I know I'm not the best at a perfect manicure, but I'm pretty happy with this look. 

What do you think? Do you like it? 

After failing at something so many times, it feels really good to succeed. I know DIY manicures are trivial - but no matter what the task, it's nice to accomplish a goal! 


  1. Just tried this.... Not as cute as yours. I think my nails are too short right now! Oh well! Xo

  2. I love this...I'm for sure going to have to try it.