Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DIY Calendar

I've been trying to organize my life. I don't mean in a big, philosophical way. I mean that I need to be more organized on a daily basis. Trying to juggle my schedule and GB's schedule is tough. We synced our Google calendars - but he doesn't use an electronic calendar. The syncing, therefore, was worthless. 

So I went to Target for a paper calendar I can hang on the wall in our kitchen that we can see every day. We really need to keep track of the plans we've made. GB and I are notorious for saying yes to every invitation offered to us. We can't help it - we love our friends! But I couldn't keep track of it anymore. Too bad Target doesn't sell the kind of calendar I want in June. 

So I decided I would make my own. I bought a cute frame, some flower stickers and scrapbook paper. Excuse my lame photo. I need to take a photography class and learn how to use natural light. 

Using my tape measure I measured out columns and squares to make my calendar. Why didn't I just print one out, you ask? We don't own a printer. What couple in 2012 doesn't own a printer? That's us. We're big weirdos. It's on our to-do list. 

I also need to get a real ruler. Those lines are terrible. 

My handwriting is not what I'd call 'lovely' either. 

Good thing I had a second sheet for back up! Too bad I screwed up the lines on that one too! 

I was too lazy to go back to the store, so I tried to cover it up with yellow paint. It didn't work. So, I dealt with it. I have a lot of imperfections, why shouldn't my calendar?

I framed the template and added the flower stickers. Every month I just write in dry erase marker over the glass the dates and month. 

It looks like our Friday's are wide open. Anyone want to hang out? 

It may not be the best looking calendar you've ever seen. However, it's going to serve it's purpose. Who wants to bet July's calendar won't be filled out until after the 4th?

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