Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Squirrels Are Jerks

Recently I was proud of myself, really proud of myself, when I made a bird feeder. If you don't remember that post, Feeding the Birds, read that first then come back over here. 

I thought I was really cool. Guess what? The squirrels got the best of me. 

Those jerks jumped all over the feeder. Their weight made the slinky collapse. Then peanuts flew over. 

Apparently, our Rottweiler, Kane had the best day of his life when he went outside and spotted 5 squirrels playing below the feeder, rolling around in their peanut heaven. He didn't catch any, thank goodness, but he now always has a spark in his eye when he looks in the direction of the feeder. I so wish GB and I had a camera on us at all times. That moment really needed to be captured. 

Now I'm back to square one with this darn bird feeder. 

Things are going to get crazy because I think I may attempt welding (insert shock and words of caution here.) 

I'll keep you updated. 

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