Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sock Curls

All over Pinterest is a new trend in hair curling: The Sock Bun. I've used the sock bun method, but I've never used it to curl my hair. I am always looking for lazy alternatives to the curling iron. 

I watched this Youtube video to learn exactly how to make the sock bun curls. The video is really lengthy - I skipped to the part where she actually begins making the bun. 

I pulled out my trusty sock (you can see how to make this sock donut by clicking here) and a hair tie. Like my pajamas?

I started with damp hair and pulled it into a loose ponytail. 

I pulled the sock donut over my pony. 

I pulled the donut to the tip of the pony tail and began wrapping my hair over the donut. 

I continued to roll the donut down wrapping my hair around the sock donut. 

At this point my hair is completely wrapped around the sock donut. It felt strange. It feels much more loose than a regular bun. 

Off to bed I went. 

I'm a pretty violent sleeper so I was surprised when the bun was still intact. 

And.....this is how it looked when I pulled it out. 

As you can tell by my reaction, this is not what I was hoping for. 

I can see a few small pretty curls, but the rest of my hair was just out of control. 

If you give this trick a try, here are my suggestions:
1. Make sure your hair is barely damp, I think my hair was too wet. 
2. Grow your hair out to one length. This will work best on hair without layers.
3. Grow your hair out really, really long. This will work best on crazy long hair, maybe. 
4. Then, tell me how it went. 

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