Thursday, May 17, 2012

Glitter Attack

 I love glitter. I can't get enough. I even decked out a pair of shoes in glitter, you can read about it at the Sparkle Shoes post. 

I've seen all over Pinterest photos of candles + glitter. 

I found a great tutorial for this craft on Momtastic. And no - you don't need to point out that I am not yet a mom but sometimes wander over to Momtastic. 

I gathered the following supplies and got started. 

I wrapped the upper portion of both candles in masking tape. I made sure that the bottom line was completely straight. 

Next, I sprayed the exposed portion of the candle with spray adhesive and dumped glitter all over it. 

This made a huge glitter mess. The spray adhesive went everywhere including all over my fingers.  You can imagine how dealing with glitter and sticky fingers was. 

I waited about an hour before I removed the masking tape. 

When I did remove the masking tape - it pulled a little too much glitter in a few sections. 

Lastly I sprayed the candle with a clear coat of spray paint to set the remaining glitter. 

I love the glitter candles! Even with the huge mess- they turned out really great!

This is definitely an easy craft! Just be prepared to have glitter everywhere. If you live with someone who HATES glitter - do not attempt this craft. 

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