Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Containing My Enthusiasm

I hope everyone had a great Memorial weekend! I know I did!

Today I'm sharing with you a project I discovered on Pinterest from The Gilded Hare.

It looked a really easy craft - and I had all of the supplies: hot glue + rope. Combining the two creates a great bowl or a container.

I started by coiling the rope and using the hot glue gun to keep it coiled upon itself. 

As the coil grew larger, the glue began to show, A LOT. The original blogger didn't really mention how to prevent that from happening. 

The next step was to begin the coiling upwards. 

I hate how much the glue was showing! I tried using less glue - but the rope wouldn't stay coiled. 

At this point  - I knew it was a lost cause. This looks absolutely terrible. I could have kept going - but why? So I can have another ugly craft? Not this time. I gave up.

If I could do it over again - I believe using much larger rope it would be more successful. Redoing this craft will definitely go on the back burner. I'd rather do something with glitter. 

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