Monday, April 16, 2012

Sun Room, Fun Room

This week on Kiss My Smash I'm finally sharing the transformation of the sun room. When I moved into GB's house the sun room was a place where we dumped random things and where our Rottweiler Kane spent a lot of his time. The couch in the sun room had seen better days, water leaked all over the floors any time it rained, and the carpet was stained beyond repair. 

I began keeping my crafting supplies in the sun room and as my creative mind grew, I knew that we had a potentially incredible space. But it needed some incredible work. 

I'm going to share with you the before photos. It won't be pretty, but it's necessary. For you to understand the gravity of the before and after photos, you must understand the before, unedited. 

Today I'm showing you the first few major steps we took to change this strange space to a room we could really enjoy the summer breeze together. 

Here is our splendid sun room in all her before glory. 

Sun room to us meant random things and a place for boxing, notice the boxing gloves. 

Did I forget to mention the wall color? Rusted orange was not my first choice. 

As you see below, my crafting supplies and organization was anything but spectacular. 

The first major step we took was to empty the room. We were able to see clearly now how much water was leaking in the sun room. 

GB ripped up the carpet and used heavy duty cement based caulk to waterproof the sun room. 

Forgive me for the lack of photos of each step, we began this project before Kiss My Smash had been shared with the world and I was still learning. 

Along the ceiling was a hideous rope. GB told me it was attached with liquid nails - which is crazy, strong glue. I spent quite a bit of time ripping and pulling but finally I was able to rip that ridiculous rope down. 

Using my (un)professional painting skills I eliminated that rust orange with a nice slate grey. We used the same color in our kitchen and had plenty left over. 

When the paint was dry GB set to work on the floors. I had envisioned a gorgeous, shiny white floor. We sought out many options and decided on using porch/patio paint. We assumed it would be durable and pretty. 

When the floor had dried, it was exactly as I envisioned. The floor was bright and shiny and looked incredibly clean. 

Sadly my crafting supplies and organization was still in need of some TLC. 

If you think everything turns out perfectly - then you need to back track and read some older Kiss My Smash posts. As everything goes in my life, there are some major mistakes and setbacks as this room changes and grows. 

Check back tomorrow and the rest of this week to see Kiss My Smash's first major home makeover. 

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