Monday, April 23, 2012

Sexy Time

This week I am having some girls over for a, how should I say this, adult party. You might know what I mean. A bunch of girls get together and shop for some, uh, toys. It's like a tupperware party - only much more inappropriate. 

In preparation, I put together a banner. I am going to hang this near the food table. 

I was able to get these scrapbook pages on sale! 

First, I drew and cut out large triangles for the flags. 

Using the polka dot paper - I cut out the letters and glued them on the flags. 

Last, using my Xacto knife, I cut holes on either corner of the flags. 

I had some burlap string from a previous craft so I wove it through the holes. 

All done! The letters are horrific. I really should have used a stencil. There are huge differences in sizes and style. 

It may not be the cutest thing ever - but it's a nice touch to have at the party. I'll show you the rest of the party details this week! 

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