Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sew Cool

If you were hanging out at Kiss My Smash last week then you saw all the hard work GB and I put into revamping our sun room. 

The last time I left you I had some grey pillows on our pallet couch. 

Over the weekend I set to work on tossing in some splashes of color. 

Using the same technique as in the I'm Sew Crafty post I made some smaller throw pillows. 

I'm obsessed with the Missoni print I got at Joann's! The receipt literally said, "Missoni." I am really fancy. 

I have been obsessing about what type of large cushion to make for the bench. The pillow forms and cushions at crafting and sewing stores are outrageously expensive. 

My original plan was to buy a large dog bed and recover it with a fabric of my choice. 

I made sure to measure the width of the bench. 52 inches may not seem huge - but it is. None of the dog beds I found were close to that size. 

I then thought I would use some body pillows. Unfortunately, the local Target I shop at was all out. 

These pillows were $2.50 a piece and 26 inches long! Multiply that by 2 and you have 52 inches! 

When I tested out my theory at home - I realized I didn't take into account the height of the pillow and how that shortens the length of the pillow. 

But I didn't care. I was over the searching process. I decided to make some cushions anyway. 

I started by hand basting the pillows together so they wouldn't separate under the cover.  

The fabric was so huge I had to use the floor to cut and pin. 

I set to work and sewed 3 sides together. 

I turned it inside out and set to work shoving the pillows inside. 

GB and Lonnie cuddled and gave me moral support. 

I temporarily lived in struggle city. 

All done! Well.... almost. 

I was relieved when I saw how much fabric was on the edge. This would make it so much easier to sew closed. 

I had to clear off my entire sewing table to accommodate the big, purple monster. 

I am thrilled with the color combo! 

Al finished with both cushions! 

So it's not the most comfortable bench I've ever sat on - but it ain't too shabby. I think over time I may add more pillows for even more fluffiness. 

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