Wednesday, April 18, 2012

All Work and No Play

I apologize for not posting yesterday. We had a power outage mid Monday morning and it did not come back on until late Tuesday. It really showed GB and how much we take electricity for granted, and that is a lot. 

Yesterday I showed you the first steps we took in redoing our sun room in Sun Room, Fun Room

I was orignially thrilled with how the patio paint turned out. We had a big party a little over a week later. The following photos show what the floor looked like after the party. 

These photos can not possibly convey how badly the floor was scratched. 

This certainly was not going to continue happening. We were back to square one. We weighed our options. We went to Home Depot and Lowes probably 5 times each to price out all the options. 

In the mean time, GB used an intense paint stripper and scraped up the majority of the patio paint. 

 I really wanted wood flooring but it was a little out of our price range and with the possibility of moisture in the room we knew that was not the best option. 

We toyed with the idea of peel and stick laminate squares but we wanted something 

Finally we found pretty ceramic tiles at Home Depot on sale for 57 cents a square foot! Perfect!

Using his previous construction work skills, GB mixed the mortar and laid the tile down. 

The next day, after the mortar dried, I got to work on the grout. This was the first time I had ever grouted. 

GB tried really hard to teach me the correct angles and pressure. I did my absolute best, but GB had to take over. I was way too slow and didn't do the greatest job. The more important achievement of the day was that GB taught me something and didn't get frustrated once! Typically, when GB tries to teach me something - it doesn't go over so well. I usually end up yelling, "You're such a terrible teacher!" We fight and one of us vows never to do this activity again. However, this time, GB was so sweet and supportive and I loved every minute of it. 

After the grout had about 20 minutes to start the drying process GB or I would wipe the tile with a damp sponge and clean up any excess grout. 

It dried 'chalky' the first time, so we wiped it down a second time. 

We were thrilled with the tile! 

Butt you know what I wasn't thrilled with? The grey walls. White patio paint,  mortar, and grout had splashed all over the walls. 

I cleaned off what I could and grabbed the grey paint and set to work. This gave me the first opportunity to try a fun idea I saw on Pinterest. I used a rubber band to prevent wiping paint on the can. This is supposed to keep the can clean. I think the purpose was defeated because the can was already covered in paint. 

 Wahoo! So much better! The tile and fresh paint looked great! 

 So far so good! We put in a lot more work into our sun room in addition to the floors and walls. Check back the rest of the week to find out what we did. Tomorrow's post is so far the coolest thing GB and I have collaborated on together. Make sure you come back!