Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Give Swirls a Try

Awhile back I made some really great cupcakes. You can read about that on the I Give Myself and A+ post. 

My dad had a birthday recently and I thought I'd whip up some cupcakes for him. I thought I would step out of the box and start playing with two-toned frosting. 

I came up with a grandiose plan in my head, like I always do. I found a great tip for using pastry bags at  Chef Mommy.  The idea is great - wrap the frosting in plastic wrap before shoving it in the pastry bag. I usually have frosting all over my hands by the third cupcake. This was supposed to prevent that! 

I thought I would take it one step further and put two colors of frosting in the pastry bag creating a swirled look.  If you're a loyal Kiss My Smash reader, you can probably guess how this turned out. If you're new to Kiss My Smash - get used to this. 

First I wrapped up the yellow and white frosting. 

I got the pastry bag ready to go with a coupler. 

I did a size check to make sure the frosting would fit in the pastry bag. 

I twisted both bags together as tight as I could. 

I began the process of putting the frosting inside the pastry bag. This was really tough. The frosting barely fit. 

Following the instructions, I cut the plastic wrap. 

At this point I am supposed to put the tip on and twist it closed. Guess what? My tips and couplers don't match. Apparently, I have no clue what I need when I shop for my supplies. 

Even if the tips had fit right - it would not have mattered. The plastic was twisted too far down and the white frosting couldn't get out. 

At this point - I realized the frosting needed to be cut in half. There was too much frosting in the pastry bag. I've told you before about how sometimes I have mini-temper tantrums when things don't go my way. This created a HUGE meltdown for me. 

Even as I redid the frosting bag with less frosting - it still did not work! 

All yellow. Not a swirly look. I felt like such a failure. I may have cried at some point, ok multiple points, this day. 

Wait a minute! Dry those tears! We have one successful cupcake! 

More bad news - I didn't make enough frosting for these little guys. 

Overall the swirling of 2 colors was a total bust. I only had 1 successful cupcake. But I was a little too hard on myself. Really - who cries over cupcakes? This was a learning lesson for me. Just because things don't turn out the way you plan does not mean you are a failure! Besides nobody fails when you get to eat a cupcake.