Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Funny Little Box

While wasting time on Pinterest I came across this great tutorial for making a small box from paint chips. I have so many paint chips lying around our house. This was a perfect craft to try. 

There's a little problem, though. The tutorial I found is not in English. It's not even in Spanish, which I mildly understand. (Click on this link to check it out for yourself.) 

Oh well, time to get started. I cut off the rounded edges so it is a 5 x 5 square. 

Next, about 1.5 inches in I put a small cut in the square. 

By cutting a little more, I created a notch. 

I did it 3 more times. 

The next step is to fold horizontally and vertically along those notch marks. 

It didn't seem quite right, but I taped it together anyway. 

I'm pretty sure that is not right. 

 I decided to go for the lid anyway. This one is a 3 x 3 square. 

Hey! It's not too bad! 

Definitely does not fit. 

I gave it one more try - but this time I folded the square then added the notches. I cut the notches along the fold lines. 

I think it worked! Well, it kind of worked...

Somehow, this is not impressing me. 

This craft is lame. I threw it away. Maybe if it was in English I would have done better, but I doubt it. I do not recommend this craft. 

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