Friday, April 20, 2012

Final Touches

If you're just checking out Kiss My Smash for the first time make sure you check out this weeks earlier posts,  Sun Room, Fun Room,  All Work and No Play, and Fun With Pallets. GB and I have put in a lot of hard work revamping our sun room. Now it's our favorite room in the house to relax together. Our pups Kane and Lonnie love the room as well. It makes for a great wrestling space. If you have ever been lucky enough to watch a rottweiler and chihuahua wrestle, you know how entertaining it is. 

I still want to add many more accessories to the sun room but I am now slowly adding the final touches. 

You may remember the Most Frustrating Craft post. After all that frustration, I found a place to display that silly little sign. 

I'm working on the pillows now! I made three dark grey (I'm sure you're shocked with that color choice) pillows. This weekend I'm going to cover that last white pillow in a bright fabric, and add smaller, bright pillows as well. Hopefully, I can share that with you next week. 

From the moment I moved in, GB has been complaining that I've continually thrown out all of his stuff.  (This is absolutely not true, in fact, the majority of MY belongings are in the basement, in boxes.) 
Being the girl that I am, I made sure to keep the green chair in the sun room. I really like, and it's very comfortable! 

We bought the little side table from Ikea for $8 dollars! 

The hard part for me in this room is keeping my craft supplies organized. We bought this little organizing friend at Ikea for $14. I think I'm going to head back and buy a few more. My supplies are growing daily. 

Another friend from Ikea is this lovely desk. I can use it for sewing and crafting. I love it! GB did not love the desk very much, however, when he was putting it together. I may have heard a few swear words, or a lot. 

It's really nice having a cute place for all of my sewing supplies. 

Lastly, I gave my desk chair a makeover. This boring, brown folding chair needed a face lift. So I grabbed a can of spray paint and set to work in the garage. 


I need to hone my spray painting skills. I don't think those bubbles are supposed to be there. 

 I love the pop of color this chair adds! 

 The room is not 100% finished but let's check out the Before and After:





This spring/summer I'm going to tackle making curtains to put the final touches on this room - those weird shades have to go! 

I hope you enjoyed the transformation! Next week I have some party ideas to share, as well as fun crafts and recipes! See you Monday! 


  1. How much was the desk? I need something for my sewing machine and looking for ideas to transform my basement, so thanks for the inspiration ;)

  2. The desk was somewhere around 80 dollars! Super affordable!