Friday, March 9, 2012


As I've written about recently - I get really excited when it comes to the Oscars. My sister, Sly, and her husband MEW (pronounced "mmm you") joined GB and I this year. I wanted to make a simple dinner that we could snack on as we watched the show. 

I came across this fun idea for Ham and Cheese Sliders. I'm a BIG fan of ham and cheese sammys - so I decided to give it a try. 

GB is always telling me stop following recipes and "just cook." Easier said than done my friends. 

So the original recipe calls for a funky sauce to be poured atop the sliders. I nixed that idea because I envisioned my fingers getting sticky and saucy. No bueno. 

I decided to make a 'dipping' sauce instead. More about that later. 

I gathered my ingredients:
Hawaiian Rolls 
Turkey and Ham deli meat
All types of cheese
Olive Oil Mayo (not pictured)

I've always wanted to use Hawaiian rolls for something. Now I can cross that off my bucket list. (I hope you know I'm kidding.)

I was so impressed with my knife skills when I sliced the rolls in two.

Setting up the sliders!

Woo! I love cheese! Look at all that cheese!

Ready to pop in the oven and bake!

 Now this is where things get serious. GB said these ingredients combined 'may' taste good together as a dipping sauce. Guess what?

He was wrong. I am incapable of throwing things together to make something delicious. This tasted like a dirty sock.

In typical GB fashion, he took over at this point. I'll admit, the takeover was needed. GB grabbed our Ninja (kind of like a food processor) and threw in some apples, Greek yogurt, a little bit of sour cream, pepper, and this is where I stopped paying attention. 

I get really annoyed with his expertise in the kitchen while I have none. When he is in his element, I leave the kitchen. 

By the way, his sauce was incredible. 

Well - here are my sliders. Which turned out to be ham and cheese sandwiches baked in a crispy roll. Didn't take much expertise. I'm pretty sure I could do this when I was five years old.

Ok folks - this cooking thing is tough. I'm no good. Thank goodness I have my GB to feed me.