Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Poll Time!

Time for another poll! 

Of the following options what activity would you like me to attempt for Kiss My Smash? Leave me a comment below with your vote, vote on my facebook poll at www.facebook.com/KissMySmash or tweet me @KissMySmash. I'll tally up the votes between now and Friday night and work on the winning project this weekend! 

Option # 1 Birdfeeder

This little guy is made with a hangar and a slinky! I discovered this idea on Pinterest without an orginial source. I did trace it back to Veseys.  

Option # 2 Flat-Iron Hair into Waves
I recently had my hair dyed Ombre (brown to chesnut) and it really needs to be wavy in order to look fabulous.  I discovered this on Pinterest as well. The original source is from The Wonder Forest

Option # 3 Heart Garland
I really have no need for a heart garland - but this really is so darn cute. This is from Grace and Light

Let me know what YOU want me to do! 

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