Thursday, March 22, 2012

Movie Etiquette

After wearing 5 inch wedge sandals all day, working an 8 hour shift, then having an excellent night out I decided to skip out on a big crafty post yesterday. Instead I chose to share with the world some very important rules.

Sly, my sister, and I were lucky enough to get sneak preview passes to see The Hunger Games last night. We both read the trilogy and have been anticipating this movie for quite a long time.

I won't ruin it for you - but you must go see it.

More importantly, I was shocked by the audience. I was surrounded by the most annoying people ever.

Before this behavior occurs again I thought I would share these following rules with you in hopes that you pass them on. Let's change the world, one blog post at a time.

Movie Etiquette

1. Enough with the clapping!
                        No matter how incredible that scene was - do not clap. They can not hear you. This is                          annoying. If you must clap - wait until you can rent the movie and clap in your own home. This also pertains to the end of the movie. Again - the actors, directors, writers, etc. can not hear you. Show them how much you loved the movie by buying the DVD.

2. Do not discuss every moment with your friend!
                      There is nothing worse than sitting next to a pair of movie talkers. I thought Sly was about to start an all out brawl with our movie-going neighbors. Yes, there is much to discuss, especially with The Hunger Games. Talk about it over a latte after the movie. Do not ruin my experience. If you must talk, rent the DVD with the clappers and do it on your own time.

Sidenote - It is also inappropriate to talk to the movie. This is a direct shout-out to the lady who sat behind me. Katniss Everdeen can not hear you. But I can. Shut it.

3. If you have something in your teeth - get a toothpick.
                   No one loves movie snacks more than me. (Trust me - Sly and I had a $25 dollar concession tab.) However, it can present some problems. For example, the friend of the movie talker behind me had a kernel stuck in her teeth. She proceeded to suck at it for an hour. This is sick and gross. I almost vomited on her. Please be polite and make disgusting sounds at home with the clappers and the talkers.

Those are my thoughts and what should be rules that the entire world follows. Spread Movie Etiquette Awareness with me so we can make the world a better place.

Sidenote # 2 - Sly demanded I share with you that this post was completely her idea.


  1. Ooh, ooh!! Can I add to this?! Please? To the parents of small children and infants- your children do NOT belong in a movie theater (believe it or not, I've run into this situation 4 times in the last few years). They are too young to appreciate the movie, and do not have the ability to KNOW to stay quiet throughout the entire movie. If you choose to ignore this unwritten movie ettiquete rule, be prepared to forfeit your movie money spent when your child does make noise during the movie. Do not get mad at everyone else when they tell you(I don't ask in this situation) to get your crying child out of the theater. I am a mom, I understand children are unpredictable- which is why I know they are not yet ready for a movie theater, and wouldn't even consider taking them to one. Get a babysitter or wait for the movie to come out on DVD. Thank you!

    1. I defintely agreee with you on some of those! Thnks for reading!