Monday, March 12, 2012

Brace Yourself

Happy Monday! I thought today I would share with you a craft I recently attempted. One of my very first 'pins' on Pinterest was a DIY bracelet made with twine and hex nuts. This great idea was found here on a great blog, More Design Please

The first instruction was to cut twine (I used hemp) into 3 sections, each one yard long. The sun was shining and I was thrilled to work on this craft on our front porch for the first time this year. 

Is this a yard? I just guessed.

Next, tie all three pieces together with a cute little knot.

Then, per the instructions, I braided the hemp until it was about an inch in length.

Next add a hex nut on the left side, then continue to braid. It took a few tries before I was able to to keep the nut in place and continue the braid.

Just like at summer camp, this was much easier pinned to my leg. Once a hex nut is added, only cross that string once, then add a nut to the opposite side. Cross and repeat.

About this time, I realized that I should have gotten a smaller hex nut, or thicker hemp.

I braided the remaining hemp. I planned on wrapping it around my wrist a few times.


Not too bad, if I do say so myself. However - if I could do this all over again, I would do a few things different. I first would spray paint the nuts a wild color. I think this bracelet would look great with hot pink or green nuts. Second, I would get much smaller nuts! (It's not everyday you read that phrase, do you?) Lastly, I would probably use thicker hemp.

Let me know if you give this project I try!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow! Last week you voted for a craft on Facebook that I would complete. Well I did it!  I am going to share with you that craft tomorrow!

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