Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine's Day Prep

As Valentine's Day approaches I wanted to share some of my thoughts and a great activity.

I have not always been the biggest Valentine's Day fan. When I was single I wanted to stay in bed under the covers until the day was over and the world was back to normal. When I've been in relationships I never thought it was important to exchange extravagant gifts because society tells us to.

I'm lucky enough to be in a relationship now where we show affection all the time. GB is always surprising me with a spontaneous date night and little surprises for me.

When I told GB, early on in our relationship, that I don't care much about Valentine's Day - he thought I was a pretty cool chick. (I agree, of course.)

Every year GB and his friends go on a great big ski/snowboarding trip. Last year, our first Valentine's Day together fell during his ski trip.

Being apart on Valentine's Day made me realize how much I actually did want it. An evening out, a nice dinner, a time to celebrate how much we love each other.

We did have a nice night out before his trip which I was grateful for - but somehow it wasn't the same.

This year GB is once again going on a great ski trip. I'm so excited for him to yet again have another wonderful adventure with his friends.

What I'm not excited about is not being together on Valentine's Day.

But being one not to drown in my sorrows I've decided to do something a little nice for GB to show him how much I really love him. I hope to hide this in his suitcase, for him to find on his trip.

He has been banished from reading the blog until after he comes home.

I found this great craft, more like an activity, on Pinterest.

The idea is simple. Write out the reasons why you love your partner on a deck of cards.

As I wrote these out I imagined us playing a fun game of cards 10 years from now laughing about what our life was like the first year we lived together. There are plenty of cards that I won't show you, but I decided to share with you a few of my favorites.

P.S. - as I write this blog, (don't worry, I'm embarrassed) I'm watching the latest episode of The Bachelor. Let me tell you, I am so grateful I found love genuinely and in the most real way. I couldn't be happier in my life.