Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sending My Love

**WARNING**  There is an inappropriate sentence displayed in this post. If you are easily offended or showing this to a child, I encourage to skip to the next post. 

Now that I've probably intrigued you even more to continue reading this post - let's get started. 

In an effort to be prepared for this Valentine's Day, I decided to get on GB's card right away. Keeping with the handmade gift theme, I decided to handmake his card too. You can see the gift I made for him here

I've been so inspired by handmade cards showcased on so many blogs, I envisioned this card being nothing but a show stopping, DIY,crafty, blog worthy card. 

I came across this great idea on Pinterest. You can find the blog post where it originally came from here

We had some celery so I decided to give it a whirl. 

I rearranged the celery in many different shapes using the rubberband to hold it all together.

And this is how it turned out.

That is not a flower! That is a glob of red paint. So I kept trying.

 As you can see it looks like junk. This is not easy! Seeing as how I can not free hand painting a flower, I decided to use some glue and glitter and create an ombre look for the cover of the card.

And..... it looks like something I made 20 years ago when I was 6 years old. Ugh. I'm the worst. You can't even tell I used 3 shades of glitter.

I threw in the towel. Instead of a classy, DIY Valentine's Day card I decided to go full-on Smash. Using my alphabet stamps, I spelled out one of our favorite 'love' phrases I read somewhere online awhile back. 

What says love more than comparing yourself to a back alley hooker?

Once again I attempt to make a fabulous craft but my own quirks and personalities take over and this is what you get.

Somehow, I think GB is going to love it anyway.

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  1. That ransom letter was pure poetry! Love you, Smash. And you too Gare bear!