Friday, February 17, 2012

It's The Little Things

As I've mentioned before, GB went on a great snowboarding vacation with some amazing friends. The day he came home, I was excitedly staring at the clock waiting for the time to retrieve him from the airport. 

I was surprised to notice I had butterflies in my stomach. He'd only been gone a week but I had really missed him (and his cooking). 

I wanted to do something small and nice for him to show him how much we love him. (The puppies missed him too.)

So I got out my multi-colored construction paper and wrote out the letters for 'Welcome Home.' 

That is a wonky M. Eek. Don't worry - I didn't use it.

The next obvious step, is to cut out the letters.

Using tape I hung up the letters over our big window between the living room and kitchen.

10 points to anyone who can find the Mod Podge. Crafters must have their Mod Podge everywhere.

I still felt like it was missing something.

Using fishing line, I added 'GB'. I thought it made it more personal.

I'm sure the supreme bloggers that inspire me daily would have used beautiful stencils and gorgeous scrapbooking paper. They probably would have worked on this since the day he he left. But I am not as crafty as they are, and GB does not care about fancy. He was thrilled with thought. I asked him if we should take it down, and he said he wants to leave it up for awhile. Happy Weekend!

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