Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Good Try, Sly

Recently I spent an evening with my sister, Sly and our pups. 

I'm not sure where, but she came across a healthy meal idea and decided to give it a try for our evening. 

It seemed really easy and healthy, personal pizzas using portabello mushrooms instead of dough. I am crazy for mushrooms so I was stoked for this dinner. Not much explanation is needed for the few preparatory steps. 

Good job spreading that sauce Sly!

I love cheese!

We baked the 'shroom pies at 350° for around 20 minutes.

I really enjoyed the first bite. I liked the second bite. By the third bite, I began thinking this dinner was a little strange. As mushrooms tend to be quite 'watery', so was this pizza. I ate the majority of the pizza. I really loved that it was a healthier alternative. Unfortunately, bread is just better. It's a sad, sad truth.

Good try, Sly! Welcome to 'the meal I just cooked and I really wanted to tast great was just mediocre' club (aka T.M.I.J.C.A.I.R.W.T.T.G.W.J.M. club)!

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  1. Hmm. There must be a way to get rid of their moisture. Maybe saute them to draw the moisture out and then bake them for 20 minutes to dry them completely and then broil the sauce for 5 and then add the cheese and meats and go for another 5? This will add a ton more time and energy and oils, so maybe it defeats the purpose. They look great though.