Friday, January 13, 2012

Warm Me Up, Baby

Time to get out of my funk!

So if you visited Kiss My Smash yesterday, you know I had a meltdown/temper tantrum over some crafting.

I decided I still needed a break from that project so instead I decided to whip a small, handmade gift for some friends who would be hosting me for a weekend in the Windy City.

I came across this blog post about a beginners sewing project and I was on board! I was so excited to make a homemade heating pad/ice pack!

 All I needed was some fabric and lentil beans. Done and done!

Next I cut two pieces of fabric somewhere around 6 x 18 inches. Maybe more, maybe less. I'm really not that great at measuring anything.

How did that wine get there?

Next I began sewing the two pieces together wrong side out.

Things just got real. My thread is almost gone. Which means I have to re thread the machine and needle.  Oh boy.

I left one end open, and flipped it right side out.

I then filled it up with about 24 ounces of lentils.

Then I sewed a line straight down the center, followed by sewing along the center of each of the halves.

Finished! Thank goodness it wasn't too hard!

 Now all my friends have to do is heat this little guy up (the pack, not Lonnie) for a few minutes in the microwave and they can ease their achy muscles. They can also put in the freezer and use for bumps and bruises.