Monday, January 30, 2012

Pretzel Bites

This weekend GB and I had some friends over to watch a UFC fight on tv. I wasn't thrilled with a whole night being focused on UFC (not my favorite sport) but GB told me if we could do the UFC party, that we could go to IKEA the day before. I thought it was a great compromise. So with new dishes ready to be used from my favorite store, we invited some of our favorite people over. I did some searching for some great party food and found a couple of great snacks! 

Today I'm showing 'homemade' pretzel bites. I found the recipe here at a great blog called 'Just Get Off your Butt and Bake.'

Using thawed Rhodes Texas sized rolls (from the freezer section), I cut them into quarters. 

As I was once again reading over the recipe, I realized at this point I was supposed to let the bites rise for 35-45 minutes, to double in size. I swear that part was not there the first time I read the recipe!

Our friends would be arriving in 30 minutes, the bites looked big enough to me so I continued on.

Next I plopped a handful of bites in boiling water. (On a side note, our new stove is amazing. So happy to have a working stove again and we could put the slow cooker away for awhile.)

These little guys looked so wrinkled and shriveled. The blogger assures they will plump back up. Thank goodness.

Next I put them in the oven at 350° for 15 minutes. After about 7 minutes, Gary came into the kitchen and said, "What smells like wax?"

I told him the pretzels were cooking.

He asked what paper I put under the pans.

 I told him whatever was in the cupboard. I was looking for easy cleanup.

Turns out it was wax paper, not parchment paper.

Something I learned this night is that is a big difference. Parchment paper you can bake on. Wax paper you can not. It will melt.

So we had to peel the half-baked pretzels off the wax. We lost a good portion of the bottom of the pretzels.

When they were finally finished baking, we covered the pretzels with melted butter and kosher salt. Thanks to my sister, Sly, for helping me out.

How did they taste, you ask?

GREAT!!! Such an easy recipe and they tasted exactly like hot fresh pretzels. Perfect for any party. Next time I'm going to try parmesean cheese, or cinnamon and sugar.

If you decide to make these, make sure your read the recipe the whole way through, and allow enough time to let the bites rise. Oh yeah, and don't bake them on wax paper.

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  1. I've made pretzel bread many a time. If you want it more pretzeley you can just leave them boiling for a little longer.