Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This last weekend I visited some friends in Chicago and had a great time catching up and visiting The Art Institute of Chicago. It's nice having some time unwind. I think I unwound too much because I did not follow my crafting/projects schedule and I have nothing to share with you, in that regard.

But if you want to stick around, I want to share my thoughts on Martin Luther King Jr, as yesterday was MLK day.

I was listening to NPR and heard a program discussing the commercialization of his message. They even played a clip of his 'I Have a Dream' speech used in a cell phone commercial. Now - I don't know how you feel, but I'm not sure we're at a place in society where civil rights issues are a thing of the past and can be used merely as a ploy to make money.

When I was a younger girl, I was always thrilled around Martin Luther King Day, because it usually meant I had the day off of school. I never thought about his message and what he did for civil rights.

Yesterday I just spent a few minutes contemplating his message - all men are created equal, peaceful interaction, treating everyone with kindness. What a good message.

I hope when my children are old enough to learn about Martin Luther King Jr and his legacy that this society is not too far gone to really remember his message and strive to fulfill his dreams.

Well - enough of my thoughts - I could go on and on .

Tomorrow I will have one of my all time favorite crafts to show you. See you then!

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