Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Get By with a Little Help from my Friends

I want to dedicate a post today to where I've been inspired lately. Not by individual crafts or recipes - but by blogs that I LOVE to read. It's important to spread the love.

Recently I made a great friend who turns out to be an incredible photographer as well as blogger. Please head over to her blog Shines Photography Blog. While you're there please make sure you follow her link to Shines Photography Website . There you will find some awe inspiring photos.

Next, you should head on over to Retail Minutes. If you enjoy a good laugh and have ever worked in retail you will fall in love with this website. The creator chronicles true encounters he has experienced while working in used book store. If you have a good sense of humor - you'll find yourself at home.

Finally, I'd like to send you lovely folks over to, you guessed it, Young House Love. This is an incredible blog with a ridiculous amount of detail. I hope to one day, have the following they do. This blog follows a young married couple in their daily lives with a complete home makeover as well as adventures with their adorable daughter. This is one fo the thousand blogs I love to read at my leisure. Check it out.

If you like what you've been reading here at Kiss My Smash and are on Facebook - I'd love to see you there too! If you want to show your love click like on the Kiss My Smash Facebook page. Don't worry - I'm going to change the picture there soon with something a bit more respectable.

Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow.

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