Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Holly Homemaker

If you've been reading Kiss My Smash for awhile, you may remember when I was so excited for my new sewing machine.

I made 4 pillows for the living room and I was thrilled. Shortly thereafter I hunkered down to make an apron using these instructions. 

As this being my second attempt at a sewing project, I realized I have so much to learn. When I was about halfway through the project I was so frustrated and gave up. Finally almost 2 months later - I decided to finish all of my unfinished projects. So here we go.

This is how the apron is supposed to turn out. I thought it was super cute and I was so pumped to have one for myself.

I happily bought my fabric on Black Friday, so it cost practically nothing. My plan was for the pink to be the main fabric and the blue fabric as the contrasting border, pocket, and sash.

My Grandma, Boss Lady, who's an excellent seamstress and sewer of all things recommended cutting fabric together if you need the same size. Since the fabric I purchases was really thin, and I tend to make aprons very dirty, I planned on layering the pink over white muslin. I cut them together.

Next I was supposed to round the corners for the main part of the apron. Clearly, I cut the wrong corner.

I cut the fabric all over again, and figured out the right corner to cut.

Next I pinned it together ready to sew.

I found it pretty easy to sew the straight edge, but I still struggle with round areas.

Next I began working on the trim that was to go around the main area of the apron.

 I'm still working on sewing straight lines, sometimes I don't even sew on the material.  

I followed the bloggers instructions on gathering using my machine. I was supposed to be able to pull the thread and it would bunch on it's own. It was really hard to pull the thread. so I gave up on the gathering idea. I decided to just go for a flat trim. I can handle that.

Pocket time! This seemed pretty easy. Using 2 squares, round some corners, and sew all together .

Something must have gone array. This is the worst looking pocket I've ever seen. This is where I gave up. 

Months later, I decided to get back to work. Time to work on the sash. I cut the fabric wider than the trim, and pinned it together, wrong side out and sewed together.

At this point I realized I was supposed to fold the raw edge inside, iron, and then sew it to the main part of the apron. I of course realized this, after I sewed the entire way round.

It felt like 300 years by the time I was doing ripping the seam out.

Finally, I was able to iron in the raw edges, pin to the main part of the apron, and sew it closed.

I don't think the sash is supposed to look like this.

And I don't think it is supposed to flip like this.

Sewing on the pocket was pretty easy. I just didn't sew the top part so it would be an actual working pocket. 

Lastly, I pinned the trim around the main part of the apron.

Looks like I was inaccurate with my measurements. This trim has given me so much trouble. Instead of having a temper tantrum, I decided to omit the trim altogether. 

The finished product!

There are so many problems with this apron. I could tear myself apart for all of my mistakes. But I'm not going to do that. I'm going to learn from them, and make and even better apron next time! Wish me luck.


  1. I feel like aprons should be easier, but it's not just you. I'm a fairly seasoned sewer, and a few years ago, I attempted to make a similar apron for a Christmas gift, and it was one cluster after another. I also had to make a new pattern because it was for a child-sized adult, which could have been part of the problem. Don't give up. I've learned with sewing, sometimes when it's all going wrong, I need to just walk away. Then come back later, take it apart, and start allll over again. With wine :) Good for you for coming back to it :)

  2. If you are ever stuck and need some sewing tips, let me know! I've done a lot of sewing! :)

    1. Thanks Laurie! I'm sure I'll end up asking you for those tips! I think I am going to take a class.