Friday, January 6, 2012

Epic Meal Time

This post is dedicated to all the foodies out there. Word.

GB and many of our wonderful Homegrown friends go on an annual ski trip each year. Since GB loves cooking so much he tends to jump on making the meals for everyone.

He was inspired by the 'Epic Meal Time' youtube videos and made his own version.

(If you're not familiar - go to youtube and search. Most of the videos are NSFW due to language etc., so I decided not to post one here, but they're definitely worth watching.)

GB thought it would be fun to recreate an epic breakfast burrito for our friends on our recent getaway to the North Carolina.

First step - GB and Bee chopped up some veggies.

It's always good to have avocado on hand for emergency situations. You never know when your meal will need an avocado.

GB cooked some chopped sausage while they were preparing the other ingredients

Next he scrambled almost a dozen eggs.

GB also cooked the mushrooms and onions after the sausage was ready.

Next GB arranged wheat tortillas on a baking pan. To assure adhesion he used an egg wash as the glue.

GB added the mushrooms, onions, and sausage all together.

Next it was time to cook the eggs.

Time to load up the burrito!

GB added the peppers last - he didn't want a soggy burrito.

You knew we were going to add cheese, didn't you?

 All wrapped up.

GB baked the burrito at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes.

For the final presentation, GB added the remaining veggies, sour cream, and our favorite avocado.

That was a yummy burrito.

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