Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Your Song

My goal for this Christmas season is to give handmade gifts, good or bad. If you know me, a lot of it will turn out bad. Hopefully my friends and family will remember the phrase: “it’s the thought that counts”. 

All over Pinterest is a great wall art idea. You take a cheap painting on canvas and cover it with stickers with whatever phrase you want. (The blogger I linked the idea to used fabric over canvas, it can be done either way.) Next you paint over the whole thing with any color you want, peel off the stickers, and voila. You get a personalized, sweet piece of art. 

I thought this would be great for a couple that I know. (I know they sometimes read this blog so hopefully they won’t be too disappointed when they open this present.) I picked some great lyrics from ‘Your Song’ by Elton John and set to work. 
I was lucky enough to find this small painted canvas at The Christmas Tree Shop for $2.99. 

I bought two packs of stickers at Hobby Lobby (50 % off) for $4.00 total. 

Next I cut out the stickers so I could envision the placement of the words. 

I then placed the stickers on the canvas. I really wish I had used a ruler. After I was all done, I realized how haphazard the words were. Either this would work well, or not at all. 

I then covered the whole canvas in white paint. I used white spray I already had. 

Waiting for it to dry was really hard. This blog is really opening my eyes to how little patience I actually have. 
I found I was not able to peel the stickers up easily with my fingers alone, so I grabbed a pair of tweezers and set to work. A few of the stickers should have been pushed down and smoothed against the canvas much better. Some of the paint seeped under. 

The end result is less than great. In fact, it’s downright ugly. But don’t you worry - I’m gifting it anyway. I don’t care. 

I learned a few things if you are thinking of trying this:
  1. Use a ruler if you want straight lines. 
  2. Push the stickers down really hard. 
  3. Find the brightest original canvas you can, I think the one I chose was too dull. 
If you think about giving this a try, take a pic and send it to my email: 

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