Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Puppy Love

Yesterday when I told you that was my final Christmas craft - I lied.

This might be my final Christmas craft. I say might because I do not want to lie to you. I can't predict what tomorrow holds. There's a really good chance I'm forgetting to share another Christmas craft with you.

I struggled for a very long time coming up with an idea for a handmade gift for GB. I was whining to my sister, Sly, about my lack of creativity when she gave me a really awesome idea.

All I needed was a small canvas, some paint, a container, and some rags to clean up.

The unfortunate part about this craft is that I really should have had someone photograph every step. Obviously I could not ask GB, and I live pretty far away from Sly so I was on my own.

First thing I did was fill my container with paint.

Next I spread old, dirty rags on the floor, in case of emergency.

Then I coaxed Kane to sit on the rags.

I took one of his paws and dipped it in the paint.

Then gently pushed it on the canvas. I tried really hard to not smudge the footprint but it's really hard to control the paw of a 120 pound rottweiler.

Interestingly, it was harder to control Lonnie's paw. That chubby chihuahua hates having his feet touched.

I had to work fast to wipe their paws off before they walked away. But I was still left with blue paw prints on the kitchen floor. Good thing it's washable paint. (This picture also enlarges other specks of dust and dirt. That creeped me out so I immediately mopped the floor.)

The finished 'painting.'


I was thrilled with it. I hope GB liked it as much as I do.

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