Friday, December 16, 2011

Project Runway Here I Come

I'm a very happy Smash right now. I'm pretty much a fashion designer.

I recently found a great tutorial for making a scarf from an old tshirt and it turned out EXACTLY as promised. I'm not sure that has happened once so far on my humble, little blog.

Not only did it happen exactly as promised, but I was finished in 20 minutes. I'm definitely making more of these for Christmas.

All I needed was my sewing scissors and an old tshirt.

The first thing I did was trim off the bottom hem and toss it away, it's not needed.

Then I cut one inch sections straight across the shirt up to the sleeves.

I then stretched each piece as far as I could. The instructions told me to stretch as hard as I could and it wouldn't rip. They were right.

I took one section and cut it on both ends resulting in two pieces.

I tied one of the half pieces around all of the stretched out strips and then tightly wound it around. I tied off the other end.

I could have wrapped the other half on the bottom half of the scarf, but I decided I liked it with just one. For future scarves I may wrap the other half on the bottom, or even wrap multiple strips.

The scarf is now finished. It was the easiest craft ever. It can be worn many different ways. I can't wait to make more.

So happy I gave this a try. Next week I will be focusing a lot on food for holiday parties.

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Happy Weekend!

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