Monday, December 26, 2011

A New Kind of Christmas Tree

I made this craft ages ago - but I was waiting to share it with you because I was hoping I could finish it.

As a mediocre crafter - I sometimes don't finish my projects - which I'm sure some of you could relate to.

Since the Christmas season is winding down and this is a Christmas project - I thought - to hell with it - and I'm going to show you anyway.

I saw this cute picture on Pinterest and was inspired by what appeared to be an easy, fun project. Unfortunately it is a dead link and I can not credit the original creator.

I decided to alter a few things so it would match my style a bit better.

I loaded up on my supplies and got to work.

 First thing I did was spray paint two small pots. I was really proud of myself because I managed to wait until they were completely dry before moving on to the next step. That was a huge feat for me.

I then shoved a half-sphere of Floracraft wet foam into the pot.

Next I painted it white with tempera paint. If I could go back and do it again, I would spray paint it. The paintbrush kept pulling up small pieces of foam.

I also painted a long dowel rod and pushed that into the center of the pot.

Then I put a styrofoam ball on the towel rod. I had to make sure I pushed the ball far down on the dowel rod otherwise it was too top heavy and would topple over.

Now time for the ornaments. I pulled the top metal parts off the bulb and shoved it on the styrofoam ball. Unfortunately the bulbs that are made today are shatterproof (which means they are plastic) so the edges of the bulb aren't as sharp as I had hoped. I had to put hot glue around the tip of the bulb and then  pushed it into the styrofoam ball.

After there was no more room for a large ball I began filling the holes with baby ornaments.

But there were still gaps!!!

I made the other tree and spoke to a few crafty members of my family on what they would do to fill the gaps.

We decided I should take some ribbon and make cute little bows and attach them to toothpicks. I could slide the picks down into the ball to fill the gaps.

Unfortunately the holidays took over and I never did that. Now that Christmas is over and my to-do list has around 2,547 items. I have decided I will put this away until next year and redo them.

If you are interested in making a project like this I would recommend painting the styrofoam balls the color of your bulbs. It would make the gaps less noticeable.
Overall I really liked this project but definitely think I would have done better if I had the pretty ribbon on hand to fill the gaps. Guess that means I have to head to my favorite crafting store and stock up on ribbon so this never happens again. 

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