Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hot Cocoa Warms My Heart

In preparation for my little Christmas party this weekend, I wanted to assemble another 'thank you' gift for my friends.
This is also a great gift for neighbors, teachers, or anyone else you want to give a gift without going overboard.
I found this cute idea on Pinterest and knew this was the one for me.
I assembled my supplies and got to work.

The good news is I already had the plastic bags for frosting cupcakes and I already had the ribbon.
Toss some hot cocoa powder in the bag, top with mallows, then sprinkles and we're almost done.

I tied the bags off with little rubber bands and threw on some red ribbon for good measure.

The only problem I had was the cocoa powder dusting the whole plastic bag which madfe the mallows look dirty. I tried dumping the powder as controlled and as low as I could - but I just couldn't control it.

Besides the 'looking dirty' aspect - I really liked this idea. It was really easy and in expensive. I wish I had small tags I could have tied in to the ribbon with a clever phrase of gratitude.


  1. What if you filled the piping bags by setting them in a glass and folding the top of the bag over the sides of the glass. That way it won't come into contact with the cocoa mix as much. Then when it's time to add the marshmallows, just unfold the sides and fill it up. I'm not sure if this will work, but it's what I do for frosting, so it might.

    1. I did try that :( but the powder just kept billowing up!