Friday, December 23, 2011

If This is Crack, I'm on Drugs

To finish regaling you with all of the yummy treats GB and I (mostly GB) made for my girls Christmas party - I'm giving you 2 delicious recipes today. 

First I want to share with you the bruschetta we made. I found the recipe here

GB thought the recipe was confusing so we just used it as a mere guideline (which really gave me anxiety.)

We decided to first toast the bread, top the bread with the ingredients and then toast it again for a few more minutes. 

The recipe originally called to compile the toppings in a baking dish, warm it in the oven, and then put on the bread. 

GB would have none of that. "Do you know what melted goat cheese is like?!!?!?" "We are NOT doing it that way!"

My job was to pull the bread out when it was ready. This is what it looked like when GB came running into the kitchen. 

So I failed at my one job. 

GB was such a big help - he scraped all of the blackened bread off and it was like brand new. 

Scratch that. I failed at my entire job with this bruschetta. After we spread the goat cheese, tomatoes, pepper flakes on the bread and drizzled olive oil the doorbell rang. 

I quickly put it on the table and greeted my first guest. I never took a picture. You will always have to wonder how it turned out. But I can tell you it was amazing. 

The last (and my favorite) dish we made were crack potatoes. I found that recipe here. I did this one all by myself. 

It calls for sour cream, bacon bits, ranch dip mix, and cheddar cheese all mixed up with frozen hash browns. 

When we got home from the grocery store - I realized we didn't have enough sour cream, so I just added milk. 

It was pretty tough to mix together - I think my arm was a little sore. Ha! 

In my craze of preparation, I also didn't take a photo of the potatoes before they went in the oven, but this is how they look afterwards. 

These potatoes tasted like heaven! 

Overall I learned even if I set aside 2 hours to get ready, I will probably need 3. If I can remember this - I can take make more pictures to show all of my readers. My promise to you fine folks - I will try to slow down. (Try is the important word.) 

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