Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Feel so Whiny

I had a plan.

I had this genius plan to make a great candle holder for some family members.

All over Pinterest is 'the easiest way to cut glass.' This is typically accompanied by a photo of wine bottles cut at the top or bottom.

This picture shows the bottom of a wine bottle cut off with candles inside.

I thought, "Great! I can make a cute gift for __________." (I can't say who, in case they read this.)

My plan: To gift cute candles with wine bottles chopped at the bottom.

The instructions to cut the wine bottle were simple:
1. Tie string around the bottle where you want it cut a few times.
2. Then take the string off the bottle and soak it in acetone.
3. Slide the string back around the bottle.
4. Light the string on fire.
5. Rotate the bottle so there is an even flame.
6. As the fire is about to extinguish, dunk the bottle in cold water.
7. The bottle will then break in two pieces where the string was placed.

Easy!!! I have all the supplies (I definitely have enough wine bottles) needed for this task.

I even did some extra research and watched this youtube video to make sure I did everything accurately.

So I set to work.

First I had to scrub the labels off the bottles. I still did not purchased glue remover, so I took most of the labels off using the hot water technique. It was easier than the jars, but as you can see, some were harder than the others.

Next I tied the string around the bottle 2 or 3 times, as instructed.

I then soaked the string in acetone. (This ruined my manicure - if you try this - wear gloves.)


Rotate. Rotate. Rotate.

Dunk in the cold water.

And......... nothing happened.

So I tried again. And again. And again. I tried this 5 times. I tried tying more string, I tried tying less string. I tried dunking in the cold water sooner, then I tried dunking in the water later. I tried all different bottles. NOTHING EVER HAPPENED.

I need to tell you - this made me really mad. I watched the videos, I read the instructions! Everyone said it was so easy.
As I typed this post, GB leaned over my shoulder and said, "Let's try it together, one more time."
I had hope. Maybe I was doing something wrong.

I'm going to do some research and try again. But in the meantime, if you give this craft a try and it works for you - you MUST tell me what I'm doing wrong.

I know this week was supposed to be all homemade Christmas gifts, and I really hoped this would have been successful. Tomorrow, I will show you another quick, inexpensive gift that is great for neighbors and teachers. You'll have to check back for a successful craft.

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  1. Jen & I tried this once. It worked, but the bottle break wasn't even & smooth, really dangerous & nasty. So really, just get a bottle cutter. That's my plan for when I want to cut glass.