Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Christmas Wreath

Now that it’s December I can officially begin projects for Christmas. I’ve been dying to try this wreath for the front door. 
It looked like such an easy project, with few necessary items, so I was hooked. 

I gathered an old wire hangar, ornaments, ribbon and some hot glue. 

I began by taking off the metal caps and hot gluing them on. But as I did it, I realized these particular ornaments were strong enough to keep secure. Unlike the ornaments from the past, where they would practically fall out just by hanging on the tree - these were very strong. No need for the hot glue gun. 
I don't have any pictures of this because it took two hands, and GB was doing another important project you'll hear about later. 

Next I started bending the wire hanger into a hoop. 

This turned out to be really hard. It probably took about 10 minutes and 30 curse words. 

 Finally I was ready. I just slid the ornaments down the wire. They arranged themselves to fit as many as possible. This part was easy. 

When I slid on my last silver ornament, I realized I needed more ornaments. What a bummer. I had already added 48 ornaments, I thought that would be plenty. 

So I went to the Christmas Tree Shop where I purchased the ornaments, and found they were completely out. 

So then I went to the Dollar store, I heard they had great, cheap ornaments. This is absolutely untrue. Ugly, ugly, ugly. 

So then I went to Target. They had 50 silver (almost identical) ornaments for 15 dollars. This only 3 more dollars I paid for the original 48 so I wasn’t too upset. Plus, I knew I could use the extra bulbs for our tree. It was a little bare last year. 

When I went to add the new ornaments, I realized they were bigger than the rest of the bulbs. So I had to remove all of the 48 bulbs and redo it. 

Finally enough bulbs. Notice the bigger bulbs. 

Next - time for the ribbon. I have no idea how I am suppose to hide the top of the hangar with the ribbon and make it look cute. 

So I wrapped a sold piece and hot glued it together. 

Then I tied a ribbon and hot glued to the top. 

I was able to wiggle the hanger hook out behind the ribbon so I could hang it up. 

Bad news. The ribbon is hard to control. More bad news. It was so fat that I couldn’t shut the front door against the glass screen door!

So we hung it up on the wall above our TV. (I specifically chose to omit the television because it’s so hideous.) 

Overall, it was kind of a pain in the neck - but I’m happy that it’s made. Definitely adds some great festivity to our living room. 

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