Thursday, December 1, 2011

Downgraded to Sous Chef

GB cooks for me 4/7 nights a week. It's amazing. I'm a lucky girl. So when I decide to cook dinner for him, it's a pretty big deal in our house.

One night, I decided to make this dish for our dinner. I think I was going for a fancy meal because te recipe is from Martha Stewart's website. If I ever have to go to jail, I hope I come out like Martha Stewart - making crafts and cooking fancy. What a life.

So, I gathered my ingredients and set to work.

The 'fresh' chicken I purchased was definitely frozen so it took me AGES to cook these silly two breasts.

Although I forgot to photograph it - while the chicken was cooking I cooked some penne pasta just until it was soft. I knew I was going to bake it later so I didn't cook it all the way through. Folks, this is what they call 'al dente.' (I'm learning new things every day.)

After the chicken cooked, it was time to to make the sauce.

GB asked me what I was making, and as I explained what the recipe had instructed me to do - he took the spoon and began making the sauce. The sauce was basically a roux, which GB told me all about. (Something about flour and milk or butter, yada yada, yada.)

I got kicked out of the Chef position and dropped down to Sous Chef. So I picked up the camera and watched as GB made the rest of our dinner.

 He melted some butter, then added milk and flour.

He was very insistent about not following the recipe. I think he used less butter, added a lot more flour than it called for, and not quite all of the milk. He then went on a tangent about how if the recipe called for the presents our doggies leave us everyday, would I?

"You don't always have to follow the recipe to make it good, Smash! I'm trying to teach you how to cook the right way!"

Yada. Yada. Yada.

When I don't follow the recipe, food tastes like gym shoes. I'm perfectly happy doing exactly what Martha tells me to do, thank you very much.

Next, we added  chopped mushrooms and garlic, as well as the jar of (strained) sun dried tomatoes. We also tossed in lots of the Italian blend cheese.

We added lots of salt and pepper, then poured the sauce over the noodles.

There was an excess of noodles and sauce, so we ended up using two casserole dishes.

I covered the dishes with the remaining Italian blend cheeses as well as lots of Parmesan. Popped those bad boys in the oven at 400 degrees for 25 minutes.

Voila! I tried to capture the bubbling cheese, but I'm not that good with the camera yet.

GB and I loved this dish. It's flavorful, filling, and perfect for a winter meal. I would definitely recommend it.


  1. Hot damn that looks good. And don't worry, if you keep up this cooking pace, in a few years you might be telling someone that they don't have follow recipes exactly. You met a roux and saw how it behaves. That is big.

  2. Thanks! It was pretty tasty! Give it a try! Thanks for the encouragement. I definitely need it!