Thursday, November 3, 2011

My walls need friends

One of my main goals with my crafting is to fill our walls. GB has some amazing old photos of Detroit hung up in the hallway, but before I moved it, that was it. We have a 3 bedroom home full of walls. 
So when I stumbled upon (literally on this little idea I thought it was perfect for us. The instructions are very straight forward - drill some holes, wrap some wires, hang some vases. I can do this!
I knew the perfect place for it. We have recently painted out kitchen a dark grey and bright white combo. Above our stairway to the basement is a bright, white and empty space. I thought it’d be a great idea to paint the wooden board gray and place it against the white wall. Giddy up.

I went to home depot to acquire the wood. This is not my area of expertise. (Quite frankly, what on this blog is?) I wandered over to the lumber area and found an aisle where there were a few pieces of wood that I thought would work. It was in an area that should have been clearly labeled random. I grabbed what I assumed was steel wire and home I went. 

Sidenote: I know I'm spelling grey or gray differently each time I mention it. I'm not sure which is accurate, and I'm not sure which one I like better. 
I knew I had the rest of the supplies that I needed. 

First things first, I painted the wood blocks. 

eek! So much paint on my hands. 

At least it matches my nail polish. 

Next I drilled holes for the jar. I used GB big drill since my mini-drill couldn’t handle this. 

Wrapping the wire was a lot harder than anticipated. I had 1 or 2 scratches on my face from not maneuvering it the way safety says you should. 

This wire had a mind of its own. 

After wrapping the wire for over 15 minutes, I knew I had it and held it out to test it after feeding the wire through the pre-drilled holes. Lo and behold - it did not hold. 

Wah. Waaah. Waaahhhhh. This crazy wire is trying to kill me! 

I tried a few more times and could not seem to get it, so I grabbed a different jar out my arsenal with (in my mind) more defined lip and gave it a whirl. 

Jar on right was the OG jar. Jar on left was the new kid in town. 

Much better. 

I just wrapped the wire around itself to hold it in place. 

Next step was to make the handle. Wire cutters are hard to use. 

Everything seemed to go ok. Time to test again. I was more than nervous. I was terrified  all this work would result in a jar broken on the table. 

Final product. 
Sly came over a few weeks later and straightened the middle one, since it's crooked. 
Overall, I found this craft annoying. Bending wire is not my favorite thing to do. But I am thrilled with the result. 
P.S. I didn’t buy fresh flowers to take this picture for 2 weeks. I bet the bloggers who wrote created this project had fresh flowers on hand. 

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