Friday, November 25, 2011

Most Frustrating Craft Part 2

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I did! I think I’m still full. 
This the second part of a 2 part craft post. To catch up to speed make sure you read The Most Frustrating Craft Part 1
After a few days of staring at my lopsided, word missing, wonky wall art, I decided to start over. 

There was no way I was cutting out individual stencils again, so I hopped on Amazon and ordered these stencils. They were smaller in height than the stencils I made, so there should be room for every word. 

I painted it white and began painting away with the stencils. 

When I was finished I realized two things. I forgot the word 'For' again. 

The words were not lined up symmetrically. I envisioned the first letter and the last letter in each row to be on the edge of pallet, to give it a very symmetrical, square look. 
The misaligned words I may have been able to live with. But I could not live without the word ‘For’. 
I realized I had to start over, again. 
At this point - I began swearing. I began swearing a lot. This had officially become the most frustrating craft ever. 
I really liked the placement of ‘You’, ‘My’ and “Heart.’ So I covered those up with newspapers and covered the bad words with white spray paint. 

This is when I realized the white wall paint I had been using is completely different than the white spray paint. 
More swear words. 
I didn’t care at this point. I was determined to keep going, finish this and move on. 
This final time, I lined up the stencils and words the way I really wanted it, and got to spraying. 
Too bad the stencils were made of paper. I had painted them too many times and when I lifted the stencil, the paint had seeped through on multiple letters. 

I used this lighting to show you the difference between the two whites. It may not be super noticeable to you, but I can see it and it drives me crazy! 

I have the accurate words, lined up the way I wanted it, but now I had multiple shades of white with messy letters. 
Sometime in the future I will use a very small paint brush and use white paint .I will clean up the messy blue letters. But for now, I give up. This craft has gotten the best of me. Perfection is something I am not good at. This will just have to do for now.  

Preview: In a few weeks, I'm going to show you step-by-step how GB and I have completely redone our sun room. This is where this art is living for now. I'll show you how it looks in it's new home. 

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  1. Great job, Ash! Seems very frustrating, but I still think the result is pretty cool! I have to say that the phrase without the "for" is actually kinda cool too. Like saying "you have my whole whole life" as though my whole heart IS my whole life. I kinda like it :o) But the new re-done one is very cool too! I'm impressed!