Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Most Frustrating Craft - Part 1

I use the website StumbleUpon to find new blogs, look at great photos of interior decorating, and drool over fashion. 
While stumbling one day, I came across this gem. I instantly fell in love and wanted that wall art in my bedroom. The phrase sums up exactly how I feel about GB. "You have my whole heart for my whole life."
I figured that I could make this easily with some paint, stencils, and some pallet wood. Somewhere far away in the future. 
Soon after discovering the wall art, GB and I happened upon a place near our house that has piles and piles of free pallet wood. It was a sign! Fate had pre-determined that I  was supposed to make the wall art. Now. 
First thing I did was call up my local carpenter, also known as GB, and asked for his help. We picked the pallet on the right.  

He began removing the majority of the back and two of the horizontal planks. It would be too heavy to hang on the wall otherwise. With my luck, it would probably fall on my head if we did not take off some weight.

Lonnie was really scared of the sound of the hammer and ran to the other side of the yard. 
(Don't worry your pretty little head about the ugly fence and overgrown weeds, I have big plans for this yard next summer. Yes, it will all be chronicled on Kiss My Smash.) 
After he caught me taking pictures he hid in the underbrush behind the garage. If you look closely, you can find him.

After about an hour of hacking, I was ready to sand. I made sure to put on a new piece of sandpaper on the sander. This was my first time sanding, so I don’t think I did a fabulous job. 

Next I used some old wall paint and painted the sign white. 

I bought stencils at Michaels (a local craft store), but the letters were too small for the pallet. I decided to print out my own stencils. I used the stencil font in Microsoft word, made it the largest size, and printed each letter.

33 letters to be exact. 

Then using my Xacto knife I cut out each and every little piece to make the stencils. This took probably 5 hours. 

I would not recommend this. Good thing I decided to catch up on American Horror Story on demand. I had all day to cut stencils and be scared.  

I tested the first letter with my stencil. It seemed to work well enough. So I taped each individual stencil down and spray painted. 

When I took the stencils off I was less than thrilled. As you can see the letters were crooked, and the blue spray paint was sprayed all over the place.

Then I realized the worst thing. I forgot an ENTIRE WORD! The phrase is “You have my whole heart FOR my whole life.” 

With the size of those letters I can't even fit the word 'for'. 
 I knew I had to paint over it and start over.  SO IRRITATED! 5 hours of stenciling for nothing! 

Stay tuned for the outcome in this episode. I'll be back on Friday with the final installment. Don't worry - it gets much worse before it gets better.