Thursday, November 10, 2011

I LOVE cheese!

I meandered over to Kevin and Amanda’s blog for another recipe since the enchiladas were such a hit. (I’m probably going to make them again any day.) 

I found this recipe for cheesy chicken avocado bacon quesadillas. Oh yeah, right up my alley. 

I made this for myself, GB, and our friend, Old Man. The two of them were boxing together in our sunroom while I cooked. Nothing like beer and quesadillas after a really hard work out. 

The instructions were really simple, which is a big reason why I was attracted to it. 

I was really excited to bake bacon, rather than frying. 
It smelled great. I really like my bacon chewy than crispy, so per my usual style, I forgot about it and almost burnt it. 

Next I sauteed some scallions followed by chicken in some butter. Normally I would never use so much butter, but following the instructions is something I’ve been trying to do. 

Next I had a Napoleon Dynamite moment and shredded as much cheese as I could. Let’s take a moment to celebrate how glorious cheese is. 

Following the better, butter instructions - I heated some butter in the pan and swirled the tortillas until they were nice and brown. 

While they were warming up, I crumbled the bacon. Good thing I overcooked it, it was a cinch to crumble up. 

Tossed in the chicken, cheese, some chopped avocados. 
The browning of the tortillas was the best thing ever. So crispy and yummy. 

The bad thing about this, is we had to eat them with fork and knives. Was I supposed to slice them up? Probably. Or maybe  I should have stuffed them less. 

Overall - flavor was good, efficiency was terrible, and calories were through the roof. 

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