Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I am "Sew Crafty"

For the last year and a half every time GB and I were at Target, I made him look at the throw pillows. I always asked which he liked so I can replace the standard throw pillows that came along with our couches. GB hated the idea of spending so much money on pillows, as I did. So we never bought any. 

I decided to make my own when I decided to start writing this blog.  

First I needed a sewing machine. Luckily, a great friend of mine had a brand new Singer sewing machine that she had never used! I bought that bad boy from her and I was ready to go!

I found this great tutorial for making easy pillows. Time to get started. 

I knew I wanted yellow to be an accent color in our living room so off I went to Joann Fabrics to find yellow and white striped fabric. Lucky for me, they didn't have any. So I bought two different types of fabric I thought would look great. Nothing could stop these pillows from happening. 

My mom came over to show me a thing or two about sewing since I had never worked a machine in my life. After a 30 minute introduction to sewing I set off. 

First I had to cut the material for the size of the pillow. The pillow was 20 inches by 20 inches so I cut the fabric 21 by 21 for a seam allowance. (This was a sewing term that I learned all about.)

As you can see below, the fabric pencil I bought barely marks on the fabric. 

Next I flipped the fabric over so the patterned side was facing each other. Then pinned around the edges of 3 entire sides and just one pin on either side of the 4th side. This is where I'll shove the pillow in.

Kane was a great helper when it came to pinning the fabric. 

I practiced a few stitches on an old, ugly pillowcase to get used to how the machine felt. It felt like power, and I loved it.

I then sewed a stich along the 3 sides of the soon-to-be pillow. I went very very slowly.

You can see in the photo below, that one of the sides, I only sewed about 3 inches in, to allow for the pillow to be put inside.

Next, I cut off the edges just out side if the corner, as instructed.

I turned the pillow right side out for the next step.  I stitched a hem or seam along each flap of the open side.

My mom laughed hysterically as I tried to shoved the pillow inside.

I shut the flaps with pins, then hand sewed (this is called hand basting) a very loose stitch then removed the pins.

Now I was supposed to sew along the seams that I had already sewn in each flap to close the pillow. This is really tough since the pillow was now in the pillowcase. I put on a zipper foot, not sure what that means. It was supposed to help. I didn't notice a difference. Then I took out the hand stitch.

I didn't do the greatest job of sewing along the seam. But the pillow was closed!

Apparently I bought the beginnig or end of the fabric, as 'Joann's' is printed in the fabric. I probably should have cut that off before sewing the pillow together.

It is a little loose around the pillow form, but Kane says he likes it.

As I was making the green pillows, the bobbin ran out, which apparently means it gets stuck on your fabric. (The bobbin, or as I like to call, the boobin, feeds thread from the bottom.)

The hand basted stitch on this pillow got sewed in, and I couldn't get it out. I need something called a seam ripper that could take it out. Notice the not-so-straight stitch.





Yes, that is a picture of me and Jessica Simpson on the side table. Thanks for noticing.

Overall, it was pretty easy, but I have much more learning to do. I can't wait to sew together something else!

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  1. It's all about practice girly :) nicely done for your first time. A foot is the piece you replace don the machine that guides the thread. A zipper foot is made to put in zippers and usually has smaller legs so it's somewhat easier to sew with. Fabric choices are so vibrant :). When you sew again, if you would like to collaborate let me know!!!

    it's Jodi btw :)