Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Giving pin curls a whirl

I’ve spent many hours in my life trying to curl my hair. The only person who seems capable of curling my hair (and doing some sort of magic so it doesn’t fall) is my amazing hairstylist. 

I was excited when I came across this great tutorial on how to do pin curls for natural and gorgeous curls. Women have been doing this for years, so it must work, right?

Before I dive right in - I need to preface this with an apology. These pictures are terrible. GB works midnights at a hospital and I was all alone. Also, I am makeup free, just thought I should warn you. I now know never again to attempt something like this without a photographer. 
So you start by splitting your hair into pigtails. 

I couldn’t get a shot of rolling a section of hair towards my head, but literally, all I did was grab a section of hair and roll it back then pin it. The following pictures show the progress of making the pincurls. 

My arms were exhausted when I started the other half of my head.

After 1 hour, yes 60 minutes, my entire head was covered in pin curls. There were definitely a few wonky pieces that were not pinned or curled accurately. 
Next I grabbed a scarf and followed the instructions to tie around my head for the night. Clearly my scarf is not the accurate size. 

When I woke up, surprisingly the curls didn’t appear to be completely coming apart. I am a violent sleeper, so I was shocked they held up.

When I took the curls out, they were less than perfect. Especially the hair over my eye. 

The blogger suggests brushing out the curls, so instead of a Shirley Temple appearance, you have pretty Jessica Simpson waves. The picture below shows the right side of my head brushed out versus the left side not brushed out. Both sides, in my opinion, looked equally bad. 

So I tousled my hair and dealt with it, and headed off to work. 
When I came home after a 10 hour work day, this is how my hair appeared. 

The pin curls looked awful from start to finish as soon as I took the pins out. I believe these could have turned out much better if someone else pinned the curls to my head. I have to say, I won’t be trying this again for a long time. Back to the drawing board. 


  1. Did you get your hair wet first? The curls might last longer if you do... The wet/dry method is actually stronger than using heat to curl hair. I used to do it a lot when I was younger. It looks like the girl in that tutorial used a shit ton of hairspray/"curl enhancer" to help hold her curl, which I would assume would only work for certain hair types.

  2. Laurie - my hair was wet before, I dried it for a few minutes prior to making the pin curls so it wouldn't be soaking. It was damp. I didn't use any curl enhancer as the blogger suggested, I knew it'd be a waste of money for me. I'm gonna try another method soon, check back to see how it turns out!

  3. Here's a good tutorial - http://www.happynews.com/living/haircare/put-pin-curls.htm

    I used to do my hair in pin curls when I was young, wild and carefree.....yeah, it's been a while....

    Beth (your Aunt Shelley's friend)