Friday, November 18, 2011

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

My obsession with Pinterest is taking on a whole new level. I think I'm starting to dream about it.

I've come across this new trend in nail polish probably 3,456 times. Newspaper print on polish - cute and nerdy. Everything I love.

This is a thousand times easier than the tie-dye nails.

First step is to cut small pieces of newspaper for each nail. I wanted crossword puzzles, but our silly local paper only had boring articles. Plain words it is.

Second step is to polish your nails with a light color. I chose this lovely shade of cheap Forever 21 polish.

Let it dry. All the way. 100 % dry. This is hard to do. Patience is something I struggle with when it comes to nail polish drying.

Once dry, dip your nail in rubbing alcohol for a few seconds. I used a handy dandy ramekin filled with the rubbing alcohol.

Grab a pre-cut newspaper square and place on nailbed. Don't jiggle or move about - just hold it there.

Peel off slowly and be amazed by the magic.

Repeat until each nail has newspaper print.

I'll definitely be doing this again, but I prefer dark colors in the fall and winter, so I'll be doing this again early spring, maybe by then I'll find a crossword puzzle or two.

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  1. being an uber nerd, I am absolutely in love right now. I can't even wait to do this!